Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Super Why! Super Scary!

Stewie has always been the timid one. I mean, he's not actually timid and he can beat the crap out of his brothers with the best of them (like this weekend when he hit Piglet in the face with his Leapster L-Max), but sometimes movies and TV shows scare him.

Which is strange to me. I haven't had a kid who freaked out at television.

A few weeks ago, iTunes had Super Why! as a free episode. We had never seen Super Why! as we have AFN which shows the same Blues Clues episodes on endless loop since Tigger (who's almost 15) was 2. Don't get me wrong, I love AFN, it's just that we're not always getting the most updated television there is.

But it's better than no television. Particularly when there's no money to do anything else.

Anyway, Piglet and Pooh LOVE Super Why! It's a PBS show, so it's educational AND entertaining.

AND it scares the living daylights out of Stewie.

So really, it's a win-win for the big boys.


  1. I used to freak out at TV, especially Doctor Who. I used to hide behind the sofa. Some of us boys are just very sensitive creatures.

  2. Remenber when Lien wouldn't watch Dora because she was afraid of Swiper? My kids have always been afraid of TV...except Lily.

  3. Awww...yeah, I remember being afraid of random or seemingly harmless stuff on TV. Looking back, I have no clue why some stuff upset me, but I guess I was seeing it through different eyes back then. And my sister and I used to have fistfights all the time when we were youngsters, so yep, timidity goes out the window with siblings!!

  4. We watched Beauty and the Beast the other day and both of my kids were scared shitless.

    Hey there is an award over at my blog waiting for you.

  5. It's kind of like me being afraid of The Wizard of Oz I think...LOL..still can't watch it..the Flying Monkeys give me the heebee jeeebies...

  6. I used to be afraid of Barney until I saw Teletubbies. I ralized I had not know true fear until then.

  7. We discovered Super Why when we were home this past summer. I think it's a great show and both my kids love it. So far my kids haven't been afraid of children's TV characters. But, my niece freaks out if she sees Elmo and Nicholas hates Figment from the EPCOT Journey into Imagination ride. He refuses to ride it because the dragon "farts in your face." Whatever! His sister has done that to him plenty of times and he's not scared of her!

  8. I was always afraid of the Mr. Yuck commercials. It would make me cry.

    And if I were little, and I saw all of that stuff of coming out of those characters butts I might be a little freaked out, too. Just sayin'.

  9. It was fun to click on your link and watch the video footage of Stewie losing his mind at the start of BEE MOVIE.

    I love a mom who keeps the camera rolling rather than offering up comfort.

    You're my gal.

  10. I think it is the mask, my daughter freaked out royally when my husband put on his Zorro mask for Hallowween.

  11. I can see his point. I still hate Caillou. And the Comfy Couch. We like Word Girl though. She's cool.

  12. My son does not like Super Why either. :) He is 4. Weird, huh? He likes Word World and it is a lot like Super Why.


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