Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're Sophisticated!

Have you seen the news coverage about the prostitution ring in Houston?

I grew up in Houston. I read the Houston Chronicle most days.

When I read the first article about the prostitution ring, I was offended. They said, "The couple stands charged with running a sophisticated brothel and call-girl operation that catered to the city’s high rollers and screened its prospective clients carefully. Like similar operations that have come to light in New York, Washington and New Orleans..."

It made it sound as though Houston was not sophisticated. At least not as sophisticated as New York, and D.C.

I was highly offended.

Houston has a world class medical center, wonderful museums, and fabulous shopping.

And apparently, some really high class hookers.

What's not sophisticated about that?


  1. I think you should write a letter to the Chronicle!

  2. Yes, I think an editorial is warranted:-) Houston is certainly on par with the prostitution rings in NYC and DC. But none are as world class as Amsterdam! If they are looking for unsophisticated hookers, they should consider coming to Poland and taking a road trip north via Gdanskie Wybreze on any given weekend!

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  4. well, it says they're charged with running a sophisticated operation. now, if they get convicted of running a sophisticated operation, then you know they've been ranked by the authorities and the jury as being sophisticated. it could happen. don't give up hope yet! hahaha!

    -Steve @ fluxlife

  5. And Houston has given rise to some amazing mother/wife/bloggers, too!

  6. I think you know more about Houston news than i do. if I don't see it out my window, it doesn't happen.

  7. boy do I wish I were from Texas right now

  8. hahaha.

    I am so jealous of your high class roots.

  9. Heehee...I think I read that same article, since I'm a frequent visitor to the Chron website, and also a wanna-be Houston resident.

    When I read "sophisticated", I interpreted it as "the politicians' choice". (Think Ex-New York Governor Whatshisname from last year.) Hm...

  10. Babes, just tried to leave you a comment on the newer post, but there's no comment link showing up for me.

    Perhaps best I can't leave my suggestion that you and your husband do a "home neutering."


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