Saturday, March 14, 2009


Two bloggers I read and love and feel all friendly with have had something horrific happen to them in the last few days.

Braja was on her way to the airport when the car she was riding in hit a truck. She has suffered facial injuries and a broken wrist and a punctured lung. Her husband's injuries were much more severe, but it looks as though at some point he regained consciousness. Read this update (updated regularly) then go send Braja some love.

Kelley of Magneto Bold Too! suffered a stroke on Wednesday. The day before her birthday. She is 36 years old. She (along with her husband, MPS) is blogging and her sense of humor is intact, but please go and send her some love.


  1. Will pray for Braj. Will pay Kelley a visit now.

  2. I'm turning off comments for this post. Please spend your comment time praying for Braja and sending Kelley some smart ass comments:).