Monday, March 02, 2009

Taking a Break

I'm taking a break today from my whining and moaning to update you all on my friend.

I saw her today for the first time since the surgery and she's doing really, fabulously well. She was back at work.

And, in case you were all curious, we came to an amicable agreement on how she would pay me. She provides me a service normally. It's, um, not something I want to talk about here - because it's embarrassing she's my crack dealer it's personal. Anyway, she will provide the service for a discounted rate for as long as I continue to help her out.


And, because I am such a slacker productive human being who has a lot going on in her life, I have not yet responded to those of you who asked for interviews. I'm lazy highly efficient, so I have decided to send the same interview questions to all of you then post the questions here and link to all of you.

See, highly efficient.


  1. Well, none of us ever questioned your efficiency, I think you could just be slightly paranoid.

  2. Am happy that your friend is doing so fabulously well.

    Does this mean you are going back to whining and moaning?

  3. Thanks for the update, Kylie. I wondered how your friend was doing. I think your arrangement sounds great!

    And since your friend will be providing a service (whatever it is, heehee), that's another plus - your friend will keep her sense of purpose. Having a job to do and feeling "needed" can be helpful when dealing with something so difficult, I think.

  4. oooo.... i love your header!

    is your friend waxing you?

    glad to hear everything went well with her :D

  5. Good for your friend.

    Efficiency is over-rated.

  6. Awesome! I had no idea there were crack dealers in Poland. ;)

  7. yes you're efficient..highly efficient..can you hook me up with your crack dealer? provider of valuable services...

  8. why be slightly cracked when you can crack things wide open with plenty of crack for everyone!

    -Steve @ fluxlife

  9. Your efficiency stuns me.

    No really...

  10. Oh Kylie, thank goodness she is better and I am happy that you came to an agreement!

    I am not feeling efficient at all!


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