Sunday, March 29, 2009

And I Actually Purchased It...

This is Piglet's new shirt.

Do you see the obvious punctuation error? I didn't.

And this isn't a locally bought shirt in a country that doesn't speak English natively (my "Chili & Pepper: Come and be the heat tonight" T-shirt is always good for laughs when I wear it around native English speakers). This was ordered online from Old Navy.

So I gather that hurt belongs to Get...or that there's some new fangled slang that nobody get is hurt. Or maybe Get is hurt.

Poor Get. We should probably get him some snacks.


  1. I saw it right away, but that is purely my "professional deformation". A nice T-shirt anyway, don't you thin'k?

  2. now THAT'S hysterical!! I love the shirt- and I can't believe how often that happens..

  3. As a copyeditor, that kind of thing always makes me cringe, but hey, it is a cute t-shirt. Stuff like that get's by all the time!

  4. Great shirt, regardless of the error.

    Yes, I saw it right away as well. Damn my editing background.

    I always picked out all the grammatical errors when visiting Mexico. Loads of fun.

  5. oh i hate that. it's a peeve of mine. i would have either not bought it, sent it back, or spent a long time getting rid of that apostrophe.

    twitch twitch.

  6. That just makes the shirt even better.

  7. I'm not even a professional writer or editor (though you wouldn't know it by the number of times people ask me to proofread stuff) but I like picking on stuff like this :-) *giggle*

  8. Shudder...

    I'd be working on it with the red paint pen as we speak...

  9. As someone with an almost fanatical hatred of the dreaded 'greengrocer's apostophe', I noticed the error straight away, I am afraid to say. I could mention a particularly horrific example at work, but I think that I am just about getting over it by now.


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