Thursday, March 26, 2009

She Simply Has A Little Herb Garden

So lately, husband has decided that we can't possibly send our little naive, always lived overseas, no idea how the world works, daughter "off" to college.

She's almost 15. I wasn't really planning to send her off until she had at least graduated from high school.

I guess he had other ideas.

So, in an effort to traumatize familiarize her with the ways of the world, he's got us watching Weeds every night.

We had never seen Weeds, as we've been outside the United States since 2005 and AFN doesn't carry shows with drug content graphic sex Mary-Louise Parker in them. It took us to the end of the second episode to realize that Weeds meant weed.

And now I gather from this show that every widowed American housewife is actually a pot grower/dealer who is secretly married to a DEA agent who targets other drug cartels in order to allow his wife's business to flourish.

I guess America has changed since I was last there. Or perhaps I just didn't know any widows.

And now I'm pretty darn sure that I will not be sending the aforementioned daughter anywhere. She's going to live at home until she's 30. Or she'll join a convent.


  1. There's always the possibility that she would meet a nun that grows weed.

    If I were you (which, let's be honest, I'm not!) I'd keep her at home.

  2. I love Weeds, but really, it's not a very realistic portrayal of college life. I think Animal House is still the way to go on that one.

  3. i love weeds! i love the intro song. little boxes made of ticky tacky! i stopped watching after the second season. it got a little too weird. and HBO was the first to go. or was it showtime? anyway, they're both gone.

    keep her at home. she can earn a home degree in laundryology.

  4. And also, she should learn that all young single people live in New York where they earn enough in entry level jobs to live in big, beautiful apartments, wear designer clothing, and hand out all day in coffee shops.

  5. Or hang out in coffee shops. Take your pick.

  6. When I was in college I had very little interaction - no interaction, actually - with widows so I'm sure she'll be perfectly safe. Just make sure you send her to university in Alabama. Which, BTW, is very close to a Benedictine case you need to resort to Plan B. :o)

  7. I love Weeds. Best satire on suburbia ever. Yeah, Animal House. Or one of those horrible and scary E shows on hazing. That'll keep he home.

  8. I love Weeds too. I got a few free episodes of iTunes during the writer's strike and checked it out. Loved it so much, I got all 3 seasons! Still haven't watched 4 yet, but I plan on it.

    Every time I drive through my suburban wasteland, I hear "little boxes" in my head. I don't think you will have much trouble with Tigger in college. Weeds is just satire. And even Animal House is not really all that accurate. Some of those things do happen, but not the same extent.

  9. Funny post. Never seen Weeds but maybe someday I'll catch up on my tv. Happy Friday! :)

  10. Hee! I've never seen Weeds either. TGIF to you!

  11. I'm pretty sure Sister Mary Magdalene has a little reefer after vespers, so the convent idea might not work, either.

    WEEDS is too fun--but Mary-Louise Parker's character's parenting gets increasingly horrifying--and the show gets more violent--with each season. I love it as a viewer but would have to slap her silly in real life.

  12. that's America alright. ;) Wow, your baby is growing up. I feel like I will blink and Phoebe will be leaving the nest and I'm screwed.

  13. Weeds is one of the most excellent shows ever made. Just lay back, don't think about the family for a while and enjoy ever scene. The in depth social study of a pre-crisis US gated community and much more!


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