Thursday, March 19, 2009

Go Shorty, It's My Birthday!

Yep, today, 35 years ago, yours truly was born.

And my dad still doesn't know that I wasn't born on the 18th.

Maybe my "dad" wasn't there...

Anyway, I have little to say about this except that this has been the most depressing birthday by far. There were SO many things I had wanted to accomplish. Not that I really had a date in mind, but in my family if you make it to 35 - well - you're pretty much at the end of your life.

That said, Piglet and I are drooling over the mere idea of chocolate cake...yummy American style chocolate cake with loads of frosting.

And wine. Well, that's just me. Piglet is not so interested in the wine.

Because Father W. was also born in March and has granted me special dispensation for my birthday. Because he had whiskey on his birthday and a little Irish birdie told me that.

So I have special dispensation.


  1. I'm also interested in wine.

    Happy Birthday

    And when I clicked on the link to this post only 59 seconds had gone since you pressed the 'post' button. Now that must be nice on your birthday, surely...

  2. Well good morning and happy birthday to you!! and yes you should have Lots of chocolate and wine...especially since you got special permission!!

  3. Wow, happy birthday to you! I hope you are being suitably spoiled. And what an interesting post about the resemblance thingy! I'd concentrate on the Katharine Hepburn thing...she was a beauty. I've been told I look like Meryl Streep. I should be so lucky!

    And that was just some person saying it, not a fancy computer algorithm so...what did that person know?

    I totally forget what I was talking about. Oh. Happy Birthday Kylie!! Mmm...cake...

  4. Hey there; Happy Birthday. How about a day off to do what you want while dad watches the kids? Okay, forget it.

  5. I can relate to you - birthdays tend to get more blah as time goes on not only because of the whoel mortality aspect, but just because we are moms. Really, when can you say you have actually had a day off? Even when we leave kids with the husband, you worry about what you may come home to! Enjoy the cake, wine and you're gift card:-)

  6. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the chocoolate cake ... and the wine!

  7. Happy Birthday
    Use the Birthday gift that we sent on you!
    You are just beginning your adventures.
    This is from your 60 year old mother in law.
    Love Always
    Loretta Ann

  8. Happy Birthday, Sister! You may not feel like it right now, but you are still a mere babe. And I assure you that nothing goes downhill after a matter of fact, the view from up here at 42 is pretty good! :o)

  9. happy birthday! wanna play mario kart? i'll let you win for your birthday.

  10. Happy day! And enjoy that guilt free chocolate! Doesn't it suck having a bday during Lent?

  11. You share a birthday with my nephew who was 4! Happy birthday for yesterday - and I will always be 5 years older than you :)

  12. holy shit I missed your birthday!!!!!! Belated wishes!!!


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