Monday, March 23, 2009

I Just May Kill Someone

For those who are just joining us, our cat died last year.

Not too long before she died, some kittens came to live in our garbage house, then our garage.

We took said kittens to the vet to get their shots and get "fixed".

The vet said that at four months, they were too young to have surgery and that we had to wait until they entered puberty or until they had their first litter.

On many issues, I completely understand where Poles are coming from. Like how they drive like maniacs (And why were you driving 60 kph anyway? Just because it's the speed limit? Pshaw!) and how they really like to dress nicely (who doesn't? Wearing stiletto heels in the dead of winter acts like an ice pick and keeps you anchored to the ground.).

This is the one case where I think they are backward (well, this and the idea that a kid with a runny nose due to allergies most certainly carries the next black plague which will indeed wipe out Europe).

When we had our 6 year old furnace replaced (I KNOW!), one of the kittens vanished.

So now this has left us with one "kitten" to contend with. And guess what? She's in heat. In this time of no money spending, the damn cat has gone into heat! So she's howling at the top of her lungs ALL THE FREAKING TIME whilst rubbing her body all over every piece of furniture to make sure that any wandering males who happen upon our living room will be able to find her.

And my husband continues to sing this song:

I may very well lose my mind. Send medication. And liquor.


  1. Are you opposed to somewhere-in-a-back-alley cat neutering? If not then give me a ring...

  2. Is the medication and liquor for the horny cat? ;)

  3. sorry to hear about your cat but looks like those kittens are really helping to keep you occupied! ;)

  4. I read the thing about waiting until your cat has either gone through puberty or a litter before spaying and thought, "No way! It should be at about 6 months." But I called my ex (a vet) to double check. He confirmed the 6-month figure as ideal and said that beofre that (like at 4 months) kittens don't have the full complement of liver enzymes and may not be able to metabolize anesthesia properly, so it can be dangerous. However, you definitely don't want to wait until after a litter (that's just nonsensical)or even until they've been through a heat cycle ecause a) it raises the risj of breast cancer and b) it makes the uterus bigger and more bloody, so harder to work with. So there you have it.

  5. My husband wanted me to wait to spay our kitten. And then she peed in his suitcase while she was in heat. I got to take her in the next day. :)

  6. So how does this work? Birth control is allowed for the Catholic cat? ;)

  7. Okay now the song is stuck in my head! I believe we were able to get our kitten fixed (U.S.) at 5 months because she was acting aggressive about heat.

  8. LMAO @ "whilst rubbing her body all over every piece of furniture to make sure that any wandering males who happen upon our living room will be able to find her."

    it was fun reading this post. i m first time here. liked it vry mch. take care.
    - Jagjit.

  9. Oh gosh. I hear you. When my girl cat was a kitten, I asked the vet how soon I could get her spayed (I'm all about the spay/neuter). I was told to wait till she was 9 months old. Fine, for a kitten that was wild and nobody really knew how old she was...but I guessed and made the soonest possible appointment.

    I had foot surgery a couple of weeks before that appointment, but I had planned it so I'd be up and about in time for Spay Day. You guessed it. Exactly one week before her appointment, when I was still on "strict rest", my little girl went into her first heat. She was miserable, I was wasn't pretty.

    Being a mature independent woman, I called my mom for help. Mom came over to my place, and helped me get Little Miss to the vet for an early spay. *sigh* I hope your little one can get her, um, situation taken care of soon! It's no fun for anyone :-(

  10. Just what you need! Thanks for sticking that song in my head. Now I need medication and liquor.

  11. LMAO! Sorry to hear about the cat, but at least it makes good blog fodder! Has she tried to hump Dylan yet?


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